Providers and Health Plans Collaborate to Lower Costs and Improve Outcomes

As the complex world of contracting and claim adjudication evolves, payers seek better engagement tools that create gains in efficiency, transparency, and allow for faster resolution and ultimate avoidance of billing and reimbursement issues.

Payers and Providers see the benefits of coming together.


Provider Executives

collaborating with other providers and payers.


Payer Executives

citing the clinician experience as a priority.


Payer & Provider

executives prepared for interoperability.

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Pareo® Supports Payer-Provider Collaboration

Payers that have adopted Pareo® to support their payment accuracy operations have a unique and value-added engagement solution to offer their most valued network of providers.

Lower Costs

Self-report credit balances and unsolicited refunds to prevent double-dip attempts.


Engage with the payer on underpayments and denials to improve communication and reduce patient impact.


Receive alerts on medical records requests, overpayments, underpayments and denials with details to quickly resolve issues and reduce re-work costs.


Submit medical records, documentation and claims electronically via HIPAA-compliant portal to comply with tight turnaround times and receive payments faster.

What do our clients say?

Shonnie Davis | Quote A

“We’ve been able to use the Pareo reports to show our finance team we’re changing behaviors and here’s how. It’s a real benefit.”

Shonnie Davis, Senior Manager of Payment Integrity
Kimberly Jones-Schneider | Quote C

“What we’re really focused on with Pareo is how to move improper payment intervention all the way up to the primary editor. We’re learning from what’s happening in post-pay and moving it forward. The closer we can get to the provider, the better off we’re going to be.”

Kimberly Jones-Schneider, Director of Payment Integrity Operations & Recoveries

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