Press Release: Leading Payment Integrity Technology Company Launches New Solution to Combat FWA

Oct 21, 2019

ClarisHealth VP of Program Integrity Mark Isbitts envisions a “better way” to FWA management, announces release of Pareo Fraud at 2019 NHCAA Conference

NASHVILLE, Tenn., October 21, 2019 – At the annual NHCAA Anti-Fraud Training Conference in Nashville last week, ClarisHealth’s Vice President of Program Integrity, Mark Isbitts, announced a new technology product for the company. The new product line is known as Pareo Fraud, and the Nashville-based company will be partnering with its customers on the market rollout of the initial release. 

“There’s truly nothing else like it on the market,” says Isbitts, a 25-year healthcare veteran. “At least 10-percent of healthcare claims are paid inaccurately, and Pareo Fraud can help health plans reduce fraud, waste and abuse losses by 40-percent in the first year.”

Isbitts has worked for some of the leading healthcare payment integrity vendors, where he was responsible for launching new products into the market. “This solution will enable health plans to aggressively and comprehensively tackle FWA through advanced and integrative technologies, and facilitating root cause analysis between the SIU and other payment integrity disciplines such as Coordination of Benefits (COB), Provider Bill Audit and Data Mining.” 

This holistically-minded approach to payment integrity technology, touted as Total Payment Integrity™ by the company, is a natural and in many ways client-demanded next step for ClarisHealth, creators of Pareo. “We went to market five years ago with Pareo, and the solution we’ve created has been so successful, our clients are asking us to apply those concepts to other lines of  business,” says ClarisHealth CEO Jeff McNeese. 

The product will roll out in phases, with a case management solution being the initial offering. Isbitts says the impact of Pareo Fraud could be “major” in an industry that still relies on old and outdated technology to combat increasingly sophisticated fraud, waste and abuse schemes. 

“We’ve talked to many health plans that feel limited by the technology solutions that are currently available, some of which have been used for 30 years. We feel confident that we can leverage the success of Pareo, coupled with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, and apply that same experience to the FWA market,” says Isbitts. 

Last Tuesday, during the Welcome Reception in NHCAA’s Anti-Fraud Expo hall, attendees were abuzz at the implications of such a solution. “It’s exciting to sit in front of health plan leaders and introduce a solution to a decades-old problem,” says Isbitts, who made the product announcement official during one of the show’s Fraud Side Chat presentations.  

For future and current Pareo clients, some of whom hope to adopt Pareo Fraud in the coming year, the value is clear, according to Jason Medlin, VP of Marketing for ClarisHealth.

 “We’ve met with health plan leaders who are asking us to solve the problem of siloed fraud, waste and abuse efforts. This market is ready to move away from outdated methods and for the first time, they’ll have a robust and integrated technology solution to truly manage the growing demands on SIU departments,” commented Medlin.

Mark Isbitts, VP of Program Integrity

Pareo Fraud will seamlessly integrate with the Pareo suite of solutions to offer health plans an aggressive and powerful platform to combat fraud, waste and abuse, while also remaining easy to implement. To learn more about this new technology solution, contact Mark Isbitts directly at


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ClarisHealth is the answer to the health plan industry’s siloed solutions and traditional models for identification and overpayment recovery services. We provide health plans and payers with total visibility into payment integrity operations through our advanced cost containment technology Pareo®. Pareo®enables health plans to maximize avoidance and recoveries at the most optimized cost for a 10x return on their software investment. For more information please visit us at

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