The Future of Payment Integrity is Now. Pareo® is How.

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Have the last 20 years with little to no innovation in payment integrity led your health plan to believe that 1-2% average return on claim spend is the best you can do? Free yourself from the outdated technology and processes that limit your potential. Pareo® empowers health plans to scale their payment integrity operation and maximize avoidance and recoveries at the most optimized cost.


What exceptional results could your health plan achieve with Pareo®?

Increase Medical Savings

Expand Avoidance Opportunities

Strengthen Third-Party Relationships

Prevent Provider Abrasion

Reduce Administrative Costs

Receive a 10x Return on Investment

I’m ready to double my recoveries.

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Why should you consider Pareo®?

“We explored many options, including an internal build, until we were introduced to ClarisHealth and Pareo®. After the first demonstration of Pareo®, we knew that it had tremendous potential to serve as the foundational payment integrity hub to realize our vision.”

Senior Manager Payment Integrity, State Health Plan

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