Pareo Data

Actionable business intelligence

Answer payment integrity questions in real-time with Pareo Data, a visualized and configurable insights tool for health plans.

A Single Source of Truth, Visualized

Pareo® Data provides on-demand access to any payment integrity metric important to your health plan.


Whatever challenge or question comes your way, Pareo Data empowers you with the insights to answer it.



Configure role-based dashboards to deliver visualized data to key stakeholders; Create and track KPIs and metrics to ensure real-time performance data is available to leadership


Data moves out of siloed QBRs and stagnant spreadsheets and into dynamic dashboards, customizable by rights and role.


Enterprise-wide insights allow health plans to make faster, informed decisions.


View data down to the claim level; In addition to standard reports, ClarisHealth can build and deliver reports highly customized to your health plan’s needs

Ready access to data can…

Drive Timely Performance Improvements

Complexities surrounding payment integrity and the evolving health landscape mean payers need business insights to make quick pivots.

Deliver Visual, Relevant Data to Key Stakeholders

Configure dashboards with key trends, savings, and more to  show key stakeholders the value of your partnership.

Report on your entire payment integrity operation

Gain access to the broader picture with minimal clicks through our visualized and intuitive interface.

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Make data-driven decisions faster with Pareo Data.

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