Pareo Provider

Digitize & automate provider engagement

Expand your Pareo stack to directly communicate with providers around claims payment accuracy.

Modernize your provider outreach strategy 

Transform manual, paper-heavy processes with Pareo Provider, a robust communications portal. 


Engage valuable network providers with real-time communications around overpayments and underpayments.


Easily share real-time claims information with your providers for a cleaner claims process.



Easily communicate overpayments and handle disputes upstream for faster recoveries and reduced re-work costs.


Reduce print, mail, and labor costs to launch digital provider outreach strategies and further stakeholder coordination.


Process records requests, organize and store documents.


Rights-based reporting for payers and providers shows payment reconciliation forecasting and other essential A&R metrics.



Pareo Provider is a HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-certified portal that ensures secure communication.

Improve Provider Relationships

Smart Document Management

Providers can easily access and manage necessary documentation to eliminate manual processes and reduce their administrative burden. 

Process Payments

Quick & transparent payment reconciliation builds trust with providers, and documented payments integrate with claims systems to close the loop on recoveries.

Provider Dashboard

Pareo Provider extends a dashboard view to your plan’s providers, offering relevant insights, alerts and notifications, and a payment forecasting tool.

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Strengthen provider relationships with a digital-first outreach strategy.

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