About ClarisHealth

The strategic shift to payment accuracy is here. And it’s much bigger than merely avoiding or recovering claims overpayments. Innovative health plans can adapt with the help of a trusted technology partner.

ClarisHealth was founded in 2013 as an audit services vendor for health plans. Everything changed when we discovered the #1 reason health plans struggle to optimize medical spend, reduce administrative costs and minimize provider abrasion.

An Innovative History

Looking for a way to support our client relationships so they could move faster on opportunities, root cause resolve overpayments, and present real-time business insights that prove value, we started developing a technology platform.

A Changing Industry

What we found is payers that scale payment integrity with enterprise technology 3x their medical savings. Workflows, analytics and business intelligence at their fingertips put them in control. And they are succeeding in the strategic shift to payment accuracy.

Your Partner for Today and the Future

More than 20 health plans representing over 70M members use our Pareo® technology platform as their industry-standard operating system powering enterprise payment integrity. They are reducing manual work, gaining insights into operational performance across lines of business, and accelerating their strategy to overpayment prevention – at a significantly reduced cost.


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Why does payment integrity need innovation? We believe…

When payers rate their payment integrity efforts as “developing”, the result is often less-than-optimal medical spend and excessive provider abrasion.

Payers must demonstrate value to customers (employer groups, benefit consultants/brokers) through their payment accuracy programs.

Health plans should be able to select and operationalize the optimal combination of internal and vendor analytics to maximize value at the lowest possible cost.

Enterprise payment integrity technology maximizes medical savings, optimizes costs, improves productivity, and enables leaders to strategically engage all stakeholders.

The shift to payment accuracy requires a broader strategic relationship between payers and providers to ensure claims are paid accurately.



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Cost Savings

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We’re on a mission of transformation. Will you join us?

Vision that inspires us

Make meaningful impact on reducing the cost of healthcare

Mission that drives us

Create a better way to drive claims payment accuracy through an integrated technology ecosystem

Purpose that defines us

When waste and complexity are removed from healthcare, everyone benefits – lower costs, better outcomes, more trust

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Pareo is a workflow, analytics, and business intelligence platform for payment integrity. It is proven to help payers identify, recover and avoid more overpayments — faster — at a lower cost than traditional approaches.