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If you’re looking for the latest insights into using advanced technology to propel health plans and payers into the future, look no further. Review our library of articles and other resources to learn more about payment integrity solutions, improving relationships with providers and vendors, optimizing health plan operations, developments in FWA detection, and software as a service (SaaS) platforms like Pareo® that support your cost containment goals.


Technology Adoption: A Guide on Digital Transformation for Health Plans

 This whitepaper takes a look at the key drivers, problems, and considerations that health plans should take as they seek to adopt innovative cost containment technology in 2021. Includes informed insights that are applicable to health plans of all sizes.

Executive Brief: Control Your Prepay Strategy

What could your health plan achieve by transitioning more payment integrity efforts to prospective claims audits conducted by internal resources? Discover the challenges, benefits and steps to controlling your prepay strategy and cost avoiding 30% of plan savings. 

“All A.I. is Not Created Equal” Download our FWA Whitepaper

The SIU is being offered a false choice for detection systems – Domain Knowledge OR Advanced Data Analytics. Learn why the best solution to streamline and scale FWA operations is one that combines both.

On-Demand Webinar: Demystifying A.I. for Healthcare Fraud Detection

In partnership with NHCAA, ClarisHealth’s VP of Program Integrity Mark Isbitts and our research partner Dr. Kyle Cheek co-present on artificial intelligence and it’s place in the SIU.

On-Demand Webinar: Combating Novel Fraud in the Age of a Novel Virus

ClarisHealth VP of Program Integrity Mark Isbitts joins VP of Marketing and Business Development Jason Medlin to offer 6 steps your health plan can take now to proactively address coronavirus-related healthcare fraud and abuse.

Download the Payment Integrity eBook

For health plans struggling with broken payment integrity processes and not sure where to begin, this eBook shows what you can do to move the needle on claim spend. Includes a bonus ROI calculator.


View the L.A. Care On-Demand Webinar

We sat down with Erik Chase, director of payment integrity for L.A. Care Health Plan, to talk about what they learned from their selection and implementation of Pareo®, and their advice for other health plans building a centralized payment integrity department.

Download the L.A. Care Case Study

Just how did the nation’s largest public health plan double their recoveries in the first year after adopting Pareo®?

Erik Chase, director of payment integrity for L.A. Care Health Plan, tells their story.

On-Demand Webinar: 5 Benefits of Integrating the SIU

ClarisHealth VP of Program Integrity Mark Isbitts joins VP of Marketing and Business Development Jason Medlin to discuss how integrating SIU and payment integrity operations can benefit your efforts to combat fraud, waste and abuse.

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