Webinar: Effective Strategies for Payment Integrity to DIY

30-Minute Webinar

Effective Strategies for Payment Integrity to DIY


You cannot move to an optimized maturity model in payment integrity without enterprise technology.

VP of Business Operations, Regional Health Plan

How is your payment integrity program doing more with less?

PIOs have always been called upon to do more with less: more savings with less administrative spend. Increasingly, innovative payers have been looking within their own payment integrity teams to do just that. And finding real transformation in the process.

Watch this 30-minute webinar on-demand to get the winning strategy from payment integrity experts. You will learn:

  • What has held payers back from driving more innovation in payment accuracy
  • Why DIY is about more than just insourcing
  • Why now is the right time to make your move
  • How you can start from where you are to create more value