GYB Commitment

Our culture is a promise we make to our employees and clients every day.
This is how we #GYB.

What is #GYB?

ClarisHealth’s culture is built around a singular principle: “Got Your Back!”

We value new perspectives. We are a culture of continuous innovation and learning. We understand that when you take risks, immediate success rarely happens – and we are stronger for it. Working together and supporting each other, we make the impossible a reality.

“Got Your Back” is how we feel about each other, how we treat our clients, and how we support our community. We live out GYB every day through our values, the “3 C’s”.

At ClarisHealth, we …

Lead with Compassion and seek to understand

Communicate with transparency and respect

Rise to Challenge the status quo

Are you Compassionate, a Communicator, a Challenger?

EAG Creates Value

At ClarisHealth, leading with our values and living out GYB means employees have a strong voice. Our Employee Advisory Group (EAG) provides employees a forum to voice concerns or issues that affect them in the workplace, advise management of their ideas and suggestions for improvement, and drive positive outcomes.

The EAG is supported at the highest levels of the company, who recognize that top-down management is not the right way to address employee retention and engagement. Improving employee experience is the ultimate goal of ClarisHealth’s EAG.

The EAG has proposed and advocated for several successful initiatives adopted by the company:

  • Expanded and more flexible PTO policy
  • Upgraded equipment for staff
  • Streamlined process for project communication and handoff between teams


The EAG creates incredible value for ClarisHealth at the individual, team and company level.

  • Identifies and grows emerging leaders
  • Builds business empathy across teams
  • Takes ownership of the company culture

“My team really appreciates the work we do on the EAG.”

“I love being a part of needed changes within the organization and showing the employees that their feelings and concerns are important.”

“I appreciate knowing that leadership wants to hear from us and make things better for us.”