How did the nation’s largest public health plan double their recoveries in just one year?

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Learn how L.A. Care Health Plan built a payment integrity department from the ground up with the help of Pareo® advanced technology.

When L.A. Care Health Plan’s membership doubled, their cost containment processes needed to run to catch up. As Erik Chase, director of payment integrity explains it, “As we continued to grow and experience changes in leadership, we knew that we needed to separate out and create a fully functioning payment integrity department.” They went searching for a solution and found their future of payment integrity with Pareo®.

In this case study, you’ll learn from L.A. Care Health Plan:

  • Why claims payment is so complex
  • How they answered the “build or buy” question
  • What they recommend health plans do to ensure successful implementation and adoption of new technology
  • When to rely on payment integrity supplier vs. internal resources
  • How to internalize concept generation over time

And much more …