Suppliers Streamline Communication and Promote Innovation

Payment integrity services vendors play an integral role in the value chain, but information silos, manual processes and limited methods of communication with health plan clients can hinder your effectiveness.

It’s easy to demonstrate your value with Pareo®

Pareo® gives vendors transparency and access to necessary data to showcase performance.


Receive and work only the claims relevant to you based on your specific contract, business arrangement, and pass order with health plans



Submit audit findings effortlessly and more frequently using standardized data feeds



Receive health plan feedback more seamlessly on audit acceptance, rejections and rationale


Help the health plan reduce provider abrasion by limiting medical records requests on the same audit


Submit concepts with claims-relevant data in a more organized and efficient manner to receive faster approvals



Eliminate the need to generate invoices and the timely and costly reconciliation and dispute process with health plans



Standardize data feeds across your entire health plan customer base to maximize IT resource efficiency


Center the relationship on mutual value and proof of innovation with a shared view of results

What do our clients say?

Valerie Thompson | Quote A

“We appreciate the collaboration between both the health plans and ClarisHealth to ensure that the Pareo process is streamlined and implemented correctly. We’ve successfully integrated the Pareo process, and the statusing for those plans that we’ve collaborated with ClarisHealth, into our TREND Connect workflows. So we can actually have all of that into our application for reporting.”

Valerie Thompson, Partner and Operations Director
Erik Chase | Quote E

“As we talk to vendors, most of them are saying, ‘It was good that we took the time to integrate into Pareo with LA Care because all these other payers are now using it.”

Erik Chase, Director of Payment Integrity

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