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Access insights and perspectives from our team of payment integrity and FWA experts. Our podcast ‘Payment Integrity Perspectives’ features innovators and thought leaders who share a common goal to transform health plan engagement.


The Strategic Approach to Claims Cost Containment

Competing with other health plan functions for technology priority can lead to missed audit claims cost savings potential. An integrated payment integrity strategy breaks down these internal ...

Using A.I. to Unite Fraud and Payment Integrity

Part 1 of our series on how the SIU can use artificial intelligence to overcome common challenges. Bringing together fraud and payment integrity efforts on a single A.I.-powered platform can ...

Evaluate Payer-Provider Portals on These 4 Features

Go beyond the basics with a payer-provider portal that drives engagement and decreases costs. How would you characterize the health of your relationships with network providers? If yours is like ...

5 Steps to Reducing Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Use these tech-enabled tips to comprehensively reduce FWA. States require MCOs to take proactive measures that reduce not just fraud, but also waste and abuse. But how can you ensure your ...


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Introducing L.A. Care Health Plan

Introducing L.A. Care Health Plan

Season 2: Trailer - This season, we’re following L.A. Care Health Plan who built a payment integrity function from the ground up – with a little help from advanced technology platform Pareo – ...