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Pareo is used by leading health plans to innovate & scale payment accuracy operations.

Together, we are shaping the future of claims cost-containment.

“Our long-term vision is that all of our post-pay and prepay audits and reviews initiatives, all of those claims will be in Pareo.”

Kurt Spear, VP Financial Investigation and Provider Review, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield



Pareo is a secure, HITRUST & SOC 2 Type2 certified cloud-based platform with 99.9% uptime. 



The Pareo platform is comprised of modules that our clients can stack to create their ideal payment accuracy solution.


Offering flexible delivery models so that we can deliver a solution that meets our clients’ needs, both now and in the future.


Pareo is a secure, HITRUST and SOC II Type 2 certified cloud-based platform. Every year, an independent third-party completes HIPAA Security and Privacy Audits and certifies internal security protocols around PHI. Other third-party audits we conduct include: Maintaining a cybersecurity retainer, risk assessments, penetration tests, and compliance.

Hitrust R2 Logo

HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year Certification

This status demonstrates that Pareo has met key regulatory and industry-defined requirements and is appropriately managing risk.

SOC 2 Type II Certification

This credential is maintained by annual audits conducted by an AICPA-certified firm. To date, these audits have not surfaced any areas where exceptions or qualifications had to be reported.

 Application Security Features

We proactively mitigate user-level security threats with security features like:

  • Data Roles which govern user access to data based on an array of criteria.
  • Roles/Rights that allow clients to define custom roles by right in order to dictate specific user access to functionality.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) supported via active directory authentication. SSO also provides application audit trails.
Security Infrastructure

Our teams ensure a secure infrastructure with 99.9% uptime that mitigates cyber security threats and optimizes the application for users. Security infrastructure makes use of private subnets, whitelist IP addresses, encryption at rest and in transit, patching, monitoring, and more to ensure we stay diligent on behalf of our clients and their data.


Pareo is a platform characterized by robust and configurable feature sets. This configurability enables your health plan to stack functionality according to your unique needs. As your health plan’s recovery goals grow, so can Pareo. 

Start with cornerstone Pareo functionality that answers your immediate needs:

    Many clients will choose to combine one or more of our core modules to power a single source of truth for their payment integrity and FWA efforts, allowing them to close gaps and realize benefits sooner.

    To further build out the platform, Pareo offers enhanced functionality to ensure end-to-end coverage of your payment accuracy efforts. These robust features integrate natively with the application:

    • Pareo Prepay – Access AI and advanced analytics to power prospective cost-avoidance.
    • Pareo Provider – Effortlessly digitize communications with providers directly through Pareo. Automate provider outreach, resolve claims faster, reduce provider abrasion, and more.
    • Pareo Data – Offer custom dashboards, BI and visualized data to key stakeholders to take your data even further. Integrate data sources and access business analyst resources for custom reporting. 
    • Pareo InterPlan Invoicing – Exclusively for Blues plans, power Inter-Plan home/host reimbursement and reconciliation operations.

    Service and SaaS Models

    Don’t settle for a vendor that requires you to change to fit their model. Our configurable SaaS platform meets you where you are, no matter your current resources. ClarisHealth offers flexible delivery models to meet your short- and long-term goals:


    Ready to grow your payment integrity and FWA efforts, but lack the internal resources? Take advantage of a fully outsourced model. Uses the Pareo tech-enabled platform to launch payment accuracy efforts, building your business case as you go scale faster.

    Tech-Enabled Solutions

    Access tech-enabled payment integrity services to supplement your own efforts. Delivered seamlessly through your Pareo platform to accelerate your value.


    Pareo is a comprehensive payment integrity and FWA platform that allows you to meet your most aggressive cost-containment goals. Consultative experts walk alongside you in a transparent manner to enable your health plan to harness the power of advanced technology.



    Do you want the power to insource payment integrity operations to provide greater ROI over time? ClarisHealth can offer your health plan total transparency in a non-traditional outsource arrangement. Beginning with an outsourced model, our team of experts will showcase the power of Pareo, advise on opportunities, share IP and partner with your health plan to help you realize optimal savings through an internalization strategy.

    Our company was founded by visionaries in the payment integrity space, and we have a broader mission to transform engagement in healthcare. Innovator to innovator – let’s talk more about your payment integrity and FWA goals.

    ClarisHealth offers the only services-to-insource solution on the market. Clients have successfully used this delivery model to realize tremendous value and ROI.

    Now's the time for total payment integrity

    See the ClarisHealth 360-degree solution for total payment integrity in action.