On-Demand Webinar

More Than a Trend: How SIUs Can Embrace Adaptive Business Models

Featuring Blue Cross of Idaho

Teaming together with payment integrity, we became much more of a force to demand the advanced solutions we need to do the job. We want to more proactively identify schemes, which are increasingly buried in a lot of data. We don’t want to be in a situation where we’re finding out about fraud exposure through an outside source.

Karen Wright, CFE, AHFI

Manager, SIU, Blue Cross of Idaho

Is your SIU ready to answer emerging FWA trends?

Join us for this live webinar when Karen Wright, Manager of SIU for Blue Cross of Idaho, will share how her organization is preparing for the future of FWA with proactive and adaptive business models. You will learn:

  • What signals to look for that indicate it’s time to seek new approaches in the SIU
  • The essential elements of building a modern SIU strategy
  • The benefits of uniting the SIU with larger payment integrity initiatives
  • The array of solutions available to answer unique challenges
  • How to deliver tangible results and “hold your own” as a business unit