Pareo Fraud: Detection Case Management

Powered by true A.I., Pareo Fraud is the only integrative fraud detection & management solution on the market

ClarisHealth is offering the ultimate solution for the SIU – one that leverages true A.I. technology powered by deep learning combined with domain expertise. Pareo Fraud is the only FWA technology solution on the market that can fully integrate with your payment integrity operations for a 360-degree approach to mitigating improper payments. 

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What can a Total FWA Solution do for you?

The detection, analysis, decisioning and management of the full FWA lifecycle

Detection – analysis – case management with other areas of Payment Integrity 

To the latest AI technology to detect and manage fraud more effectively than ever before 


Use Pareo Fraud: Detection & Case Management to automate, integrate, optimize, organize and report on your FWA efforts. Advanced technology enables your health plan to find hidden schemes, reduce false positives, and identify trends.


Add reportable fields custom to your needs on the fly to streamline reporting to state Medicaid and non-government entities. Minimize manual tasks with Robotic Process Automation.


Promote better communication and partnerships with your entire payment integrity operation for comprehensive overpayment detection and savings. Exclude active fraud cases from payment integrity audits.


Configure fields and reports – without custom development – to correspond with your proven processes and improve platform utilization.


Capture and manage leads and cases separately, easily link multiple cases and documentation, transition tips to cases seamlessly with minimal clicks.



Benchmark FWA performance, providers, and schemes to determine program efficacy with intuitive visual reporting.



Capitalize on fewer false positives, intelligent technology that grows smarter with each use, and no need for rules. Our detection solution is built on deep learning technology.

True A.I. technology powered by deep learning that can...

Find hidden schemes

Super Scores™ on 20+ weighted metrics push the leads to investigators rather than querying & pulling leads. Increase speed to decision and action. Results get more precise over time.

Reduce false positives

Advanced technology models based on deep learning methods combined with domain knowledge rules  analyze data in multiple dimensions to reduce false positives and increase true positives for improved efficiency with investigators. 

Identify trends proactively

Identify trends and causal relationships within and across each PI vertical with visual reporting. Integrate data from geography, provider databases and other external sources along with insights from payment integrity and even legacy rules-based systems to show the full picture of a scheme, provider or member. 

Is your FWA technology solution advanced enough?

"Most SIUs are using technology that's 20-25 years old, without even realizing it," says Mark Isbitts, VP of Program Integrity at ClarisHealth. Isbitts has been working in the FWA technology space for over two decades, and he's the lead FWA innovator at ClarisHealth. "For me it's all about finding a true solution for the SIU. To catch increasingly complex schemes and keep up with rapidly evolving market conditions (like COVID-19), we can't keep relying on rules-based sytems, or buzzy solutions that lack an understanding of the healthcare industry."

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How can Pareo Fraud help your

health plan achieve its FWA goals?

How does best in class A.I.-based technology combine with domain expertise to deliver a premier FWA technology platform? 

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