A.I. for Healthcare Fraud Detection 

Presented by Mark Isbitts, VP of Program Integrity, ClarisHealth


See how A.I. can transform the most common scenarios in the SIU

About the webinar

How Can You Use A.I. for Fraud Detection to Answer SIU Challenges

Here’s what you can learn in this free event – demonstrated with real-world examples: 

  • How you can communicate better with Payment Integrity 

  • How you can find novel schemes – including those resulting from COVID-19 – without creating specific rules 

  • How you can focus limited SIU expertise on the most likely leads 

  • How you can reduce false positives so your investigators are efficient with their time 

  • How A.I. can automate updates of your scheme detection 


Mark Isbitts

Vice President of Program Integrity 


Isbitts has over 25 years’ experience working in the healthcare industry, including product management, strategic planning and consulting, marketing and business development. He is an expert in healthcare Payment Integrity as well as various Product Management and Product Strategy practices. He has a keen understanding of how to identify market needs and translate them into meaningful requirements, products and solutions in order to drive a company’s strategic direction to grow and build market-leading products and services. Isbitts holds a B.S. from the University of Michigan and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Mercer University.